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Junior PLUS Kegs (Small Polyurethane)

Whether fully or partially coated with a polyurethane jacket, the junior PLUS Keg has all the Schaefer PLUS Keg hallmarks of quality that have proved themselves all over the world millions of times over.

Junior Plu Small Polyurethane KegsThere is also plenty of space for an eye-catching display of any trade mark or company logo. Space-saving, easy to handle and tested safety features which make this keg ideal for use at home, at parties or in catering businesses. Junior PLUS Keg - a keg that will really impress you and your customers.

The Juinor PLUS Keg consists of a deep drawn stainless steel liner bonded with a polyurethane jacket.  Available in 10.4 liter to 20.5 liter sizes, this keg offers great brand recognition and is as strong and durable as any of the Schaefer Kegs on the market today.  Your full colour logo can be embedded in the polyurethane giving your brand extra exposure.

Juniro Plus Keg Slice
  1. All types of spears available
  2. DatixPLUS/transponders/bar code/plain text
  3. Coloured encodings
  4. Safety burst point

Comes with Ask about
Safety Burst Point Embossing
Initial Calibration Color Bands
Keg Numbering Keg Marking
North American draught neck Transponders for tracking keg inventory
Micro-Matic draught (Sanky) Spear 2.0 mm top chime

junior  Plus Keg - DIN 6647 - 1



Ext. Diameter


10.4 liter / 2.75 US-gal


326 mm


239 mm

7.94 lbs

3.6 kg

15.5 liter / 4.10 US-gal


443 mm


239 mm

9.70 lbs

4.4 kg

20.5 liter / 5.42 US-gal


560 mm


239 mm

11.46 lbs

5.2 kg

Technical Data

Material of stainless steel liner

V2A, material no.1.4301, AISI 304 (standard)
or V4A, material no. 1.4571, AISI 316 (special)


all conventional types available

Opening pressure of safety burst point

35 ± 5 bar overpressure

Stainless Steel Deep Drawn Liner-thickness

1.00 mm

Liner test pressure

approx. 10 bar overpressure


PU (polyurethane), CFC-free (inc. all processing

PU coloring

standard: dark brown
special colours on request


partial repairs possible

max. operating pressure

3 bar overpressure

Bavarian tapping

Available as Micro Matic spring valve or bung hole for 10.4 or 15.5 liter KEGs