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Carbonated & Non-Carbonated Backpacks - Bring Your Products to the People

Beer and Soda BackpacksThe carbonated backpack is everyone's favorite. Don't forget to ask for a transfer kit to go with this backpack.

Dispense beer, soda or any carbonated beverage.

The Carbonated Backpack is a great sales tool for stadiums, arenas, resorts, auditoriums, sports facilities and more. They are much more profitable and practical than front carrying trays or cooler bags. All of our backpacks are ergonomically designed.

Carbonated Backpack - Specifications

Containing an 11.3 L freshKEG RR, the Carbonated Backpack is able to dispense true draft beer anywhere it is needed. Once the freshKEG RR is filled with beverage and has its interior gas tank pressurized, the backpack can dispense its entire contents without the need for pumps or additional gas tanks.

The freshKEG RR comes with a standard Sankey draft beverage fitting and a Cornelius gas fitting.  Those with previous experience kegging beer will have no problems using their pre-existing equipment to fill and pressurize the freshKEG. For the uninitiated we offer custom made transfer kits to fill the backpack keg from a larger keg of beverage. These range in complexity from a basic coupler to coupler kit to units with an integrated jockey box, allowing the user to flash cool the beverage, guaranteeing maximum CO2 retention.

Don't forget, this backpack can easily be used as a Non-Carbonated backpack. All you need to do is order the hand pump for the non-carbonated.

Types of Beverages:
Draft beer, sodas (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.), carbonated juices, mixed drinks, etc.

Other backpacks

11.3 L freshKEG RR with built in gas tank

Fully adjustable ergonomically designed backpack harness

Insulated dispensing hose and gun with adjustable flow control
Removable clear signage area for custom branding
Three pocket money pouch
12-24 ounce cup dispenser

Dim: 13.5 x 9 x 22 inches
Weight Empty:
Weight Full:
38 lbs
Sign Dim:
24.75 x 19.75 inches