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KEG Tracking

Intelligent radio tagging keeps track of kegs and helps streamline your business. Tracking your kegs not only makes you more efficient it saves you money.

Keg TrackingEvery year in North America breweries and wineries lose 1,000's of kegs, in the UK alone there are over 300,000 kegs lost every year.

With Schaefer Kegs transponder tracking technology you will know where your kegs are at all time

You can order any Schaefer Keg with the transponder already attached. You can also have your existing keg inventory switched over to have a transponder applied.

To have the transponder applied to a new keg can cost between $2 USD & $5 USD depending on the type of keg the transponder is to be attached to.

No Keg Supplier has more practical knowledge of transponders than Schaefer Kegs. Contact us today for more information.

Automatic bottling lines at Coca-Cola

The job was to save costs by keeping inventories as low as possible, but also to keep a closer eye on product quality at the same time. Conventional systems failed to fulfill these demands because of frequent damage, dirt and the like.

Coca Cola Bottling Line Keg TrackingThe solution for the Coca-Cola Corporation was first to equip kegs with transponders, antennas and scanning devices from AEG ProID. This first step was carried out using 350,000 transponders from AEG TransID and the Schaefer 20 liter Junior PLUS keg.

The result was that the scanning devices installed in the bottling and cleaning lines and linked up to a central computer controlled the various programmed packages making total control management in accordance with the ISO 9000 norm possible.

Following the examples set in Portugal, Malaga, Tenerife and Israel, plants all over the world are now being retrofitted with our transponder systems. More than 2 million barrels have now been equipped with transponders. These excellent results have also led other bevarage makers such as the Flensburger Brewery (maker of a famous German pils beer) to follow Coca-Cola's lead and employ this cutting-edge technology in their bottling plants too.

About the Technology

The transponder technology is designed to work where conventional ID methods will not work. Bar code, for instance, has many limitations related to the tag size, reading distance, scan angle and usefulness in environmentally adverse conditions.

Passive transponders can be a fraction of the size of a single bar in a barcode symbol, and can be read at distances of over 3 feet (90 cm). The read range of AEG ProID® transponders is not subject to line-of-sight limitations. As a matter of fact, AEG ProID® transponders can be read irrespective of their orientation to the reader.

They can be read through grease, dirt, dust, multiple layers of paint, even wood and concrete. AEG ProID® transponders can operate submerged in liquids and can be used in all weather. They are suitable for applications that require ID tags to be hidden in items, since they can be read through most materials, except some metals.

The AEG ProID system also provides an unmatched level of data security: once the code is programmed at the time of the transponder's manufacture, it cannot be duplicated or tampered with.

Schaefer is a world leader in this field and has been using transponders for tracking kegs and keggys for almost 5 years now. Recently we were awarded the approval by the VLB ( Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin (VLB), Germany) after they tested all available transponder technologies over a 4 year period.

Basically the concept is simple, each keg has a ID700 transponder attached to it. This is welded to the top of the keg during manufacture or attached to an existing keg. Then you use a hand held or stationary reading device to read each keg. You can track each keg with as much detailed information as you like. For example you can track when a keg arrives at your warehouse, when it's cleaned and filled, how long it was stored prior to shipping, where and when it was shipped to, who received it, when it was picked up, etc. etc. All this information is compiled in an easy to use windows based program.