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Two-thirds of all beer drinkers prefer the flavour of draught beer to bottled beer. So it's a great pity that in lots of restaurants and catering businesses so many of them are not able to enjoy the full flavour of their favourite drink. A dispensing system that is oversized, has the wrong settings, inexperienced bar staff and that suffers a lack of hygiene leads to poor dispensing quality and a disappointing drink.

smartDRAFT™: so that beer tastes the way beer should

Restuarants with a draught beer volume less than 50 hectolitres a year are a fast growing segment in the industry worldwide - and the least loved by breweries! Over 70% of all pubs and restaurants belong to this group.

It was especially these small businesses - with a dispensing volume of up to 70 litres a week - that we had in mind when smartDRAFT™ was designed as an economical alternative to oversized dispensing systems and beer in bottles or cans.

Open up new possibilities

smartDRAFT™: top quality guarantees pure enjoyment, whether you use it as an alternative to an existing bar or as an additional dispensing point for special beers or trendy drinks, or even as a mobile bar for external events.

Open up new market opportunities for your business by offering fresh draught beer in premium quality where, up to now, only bottles were available.

smartDRAFT Tap smartDRAFT Keg smartDRAFT Cooler


Consistent dispensing quality at the highest level, made possible by the smartDRAFT™ Tap with the latest compensator technology. The integrated, pre-set pressure reducing valve ensures perfect results every time. Dispensing problems caused by the wrong pressure settings or the compensator just don't arise. Perfect hygiene with no cleaning required. And, each keg is supplied with a one-way beer line on delivery.


The smartDRAFT™ Keg, made of stainless steel with its 10 l contents has an integrated CO2 supply. The two chamber system keeps the beer fresh from the first to the final glass. This eliminates faults and quality impairments caused by the gas supply from cylinders.


The super energy-efficient smartDRAFT™ Cooler ensures the beer is kept at the perfect drinking temperature. The innovative evaporation cooling technique reduces the temperature of the keg contents from 20° C to the pre-set drinking temperature of between 3°C and 8°C in only three hours! Just plug into the mains and there you go. And the elegant design of housing provides a range of advertising possibilities.

smartDRAFT Keg product shot

System features smartDRAFT Keg
Content 10.3 l / 2.72 US gal
Height 411 mm
External 255 mm
Material grades for stainless steel liner and spear mat. no.1.4301, AISI 204
Top and bottom rings PP (polypropylene), UV-stabilised, recyclable material
PP colour standard: black, gloss
Spear smartDRAFT safety spear
Operating overpressure max. 3 bar
Test pressure approx. 9 bar overpressure
Opening pressure of safety bursting points 25 ± 7 bar overpressure
Numbering standard
Encoding (optional) character code/barcode/transponder
Ecology re-usable system, all parts are recyclable

smartDRAFT tap product shot

System Features smartDRAFT Tap
Height 186 mm
Width 124 mm
Length 346 mm
Weight 1 kg
Flow Rate * 1.6 - 2 l / minute at pre-set pressure of 0.9 bar
* Flow rate covers all beer tyes in the range of 4.5 - 5.5 g CO2/l in a temperature range of 2 - 8 °C

smartDRAFT Cooler product shot

System Features smartDRAFT Cooler
Height 515 mm
Width 350 mm
Depth 535 mm (640 mm incl. drip tray)
Weight 25 kg
Dispense temperature 3 - 10 °C
Ambient temperature min. 15 - max. 30 °C
Nominal voltage / frequency 230V/50 Hz
Power consumption 150 W
Energy consumption 0.6 kWh/day
Compressor rating** 140 W
Fan volume flow rate 60m³/h
Coolant R134a
Coolant amount 0.07 kg
  * at 25°C ambient temperature
** at 0 °C evaporation temperature

smartDRAFT prechiller

Perfectly chilled:
With this high-performance Prechiller as an accessory, smartDRAFT Kegs can be cooled down to drinking temperature quite simply.

System Features smartDRAFT Prechiller
Height 650 mm
Width 350 mm
Depth 530 mm
Weight 20 kg
Cooling Time from 30 °C to 8°C in 12 h
Ambient Temperature min. 15 - max. 30 °C
Nominal voltage/ frequency 230V/50 Hz
Power consumption 150 W
Energy consumption 0.6 kWh/day
Compressor rating* 180 W
Coolant R134a
Coolant amount 0.07 kg
  * at 0°C evaporation temperature

The perfect dispensing system – no cleaning required

Perfectly hygienic

Quality and Service